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-------------------  REVISED APRIL 11TH, 2019  -------------------


To View And Print The 2019 Spring Legends Evaluation Schedule, Click On The Link Below.


"CLICK HERE" To See The 2019 Spring Legends Evaluation Schedule"

This is ONLY applicable for;

          Grades 6 to 9 Boys

          Grades 5 to 9 Girls

Grades 1 to 5 Boys and Grades 1 to 4 Girls, you will be placed on a team. Players / Parents will be contacted by their coach, shortly to confirm your Practice Nights, Location. Etc.




LEGENDS HOUSE LEAGUE this is our regular Spring League that we have run for many years. This year we are including Grade 1 - 9, both girls and boys divisions. These grade divisions will be run like our Fall House League (Grades 1 & 2 are group clinics once per week on Friday nights. Grades 3 - 4 teams are selected based on where players live and the schools they attend. Grades 5 - 9 players are asked to attend an Evaluation Night and will be placed on a team based on skill level. Team parity is the main goal with the grade 5 - 9 age groups  and as such player/parent requests to play on specific teams, to play in certain areas of town and/or to play with specific players cannot be accommodated). Players in Grades 10 - 12  MUST form teams, find a Head Coach and register /play in the Club League, (If you are in grade 10, 11 or 12 Boys and Girls, and want to play but cannot find a team, please text Matt at 778 - 363 - 1909.) 

There will be one, one hour practice and one game per week. Game nights [ subject to gym availability ] are set in advance but practice nights are not confirmed until players are placed on their teams. All games and practices will be scheduled at gyms ( See List under Legends Link, Click on the "Legends Link" at the top of this page then Click on "Gym Locations" ) within Kelowna\West Kelowna boundaries and will be on week nights only. Players from anywhere within the Okanagan Valley are welcome to register and play. Friday, April 12th will be the registration cutoff date. 



                                                                                   GRADES 3 - 9 -$275


For Grades 1 - 5, if you did not play in the Fall 2018 Nash Program, your Spring Legends Registration Fee will include a uniform top, black shorts and ball.

For Grades 6 - 9, if you did not play in the Fall 2018 Nash Program, your Spring Legends Registration Fee will include a uniform top.


The Spring Legends Season starts the week of April 15th to June 21st. Evaluations will run the week of April 15th, (Evaluations Are For Grades 6 - 9 Boys & Grades 5 - 9 Girls). 

For Grades 1 to 5 Boys and Grades 1 to 4 Girls, you will be placed on a team. Players / Parents will be contacted by their coach, shortly to confirm your Practice Nights, Location. Etc. 


Deadline to Register will be Midnight Friday, April 12th.



We try our best to not ask parents to travel long distances to practice locations each week. We make allowances for extreme travel distance. We do however utilize West Side Gyms and do not consider traveling across the bridge from Kelowna as extreme travel.


1. Play-ups apply to players in Grades 5 and higher. (Plus any Grade 4 players who wish to be evaluated to possibly play-up in the Grade 5 Division.)

2. All Players from Grades 5 to 9 (Plus Grade 4 Girls) MUST Be At Evaluations!! LEGENDS EVALUATIONS WEEK RUNS FROM APRIL 8TH TO APRIL 12TH.  Players who do not show will be replaced by late / wait-listed registrants who are present. Parents of sick registrants must attend the Evaluation Week and provide oral information on their child to the selection panel.

 3.  Revised Legends League Refund Policy:

Grades 1 to 5 

Full Refund [ Less $10 ] given up to the start of first game (and upon return of ball/uniform/shorts).
NO REFUND after the First game.

Grades 6 to 12

Full Refund (less $10 admin fee) prior to evaluations.
Full Refund [ Less $50 ] given up to the start of First game.
NO REFUND after the First game.

Exceptions to this policy will only be made for medical reasons.

Full refunds (less $10) will be offered in each division if the registrar has been notified up to the day before each scheduled evaluation night. Players may withdraw on evaluation night and a full refund (less $10) will be issued so long as the player or parent/guardian is present at the applicable gym to let the convener know in person. Should a player withdraw from Legends after the evaluation nights, the total cost will be $50. NO REFUND after First game. There will also be a $25 late registration fee for any player who registers after the evaluation nights. Due to the RAMP registration costs a $10.00 fee will not be refunded.

 4.   Players are expected to be at practice in order for their team to improve.  Unwarranted absences from practice may be  subject to a reduction in play time.  Coaches expect prior notification of missed practices.

 5.   All players must conform to expected guidelines concerning behavior as outlined on the Conduct / Policy Link at the top of of this homepage. (Players Code of Conduct÷)   www.kelownamba.com


         1. Our first criteria for allowing play ups is there must be room in the higher division.
         2. Alternately, if a higher division team is not full, remaining play-ups won't be used to fill the spots unless they are capable. This decision is made by the majority of coaches present on each evaluation night. We have asked the coaches to be selective when evaluating possible play-up players.
         3. Coaches with their own kids in a play-up situation can create difficulty for conveners to confirm their coaching list.  The coach should communicate this with the convener of both divisions before evaluations.
         4. All players requesting to be considered to play-up (1 division only is allowed), MUST show up at the evaluation of the higher division, or they will not be approved to play up.

 7.   Parents are requested to help when needed including: timing, scoring and gym management.

 8.   Players and parents cannot request special placement (being with friends, being with a special coach, car pooling, etc.)
       Our first priority is to create balanced teams. If we allow special placement requests then we cannot achieve this goal.

 9.    Parents will abide by the KMBA (Parent Code of Conduct÷ and Zero Tolerance Policy÷), outlined on the Conduct / Policy Link at the top of of this homepage. 

 10.  The KMBA reserves the right to release any player or coach from the KMBA.

 11.   KMBA has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ( a copy is posted at the top of the KMBA Homepage, click on the title Conduct/Policy, then click on the link Zero Tolerance Policy). We expect players, coaches, and parents to refrain from any form of criticism directed  toward officials, coaches or other players.  A positive approach to all circumstances is the example we want to set in our league.

 12.   Each player is expected to provide their own basketball, gym strip and indoor running shoes for evaluations.




Medical Waiver Form  Click on the Link


If you have any issues or questions regarding registration please direct them to Coach Dave at  coachdavefinancial@shaw.ca  

UBCO Jr Heat / Okanagan College Jr Coyotes - KMBA is not involved with these programs. 


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