Legends League Rules



  • The FIBA are the official rules of the game with the following special exceptions.
  • All games shall consist of 8 periods of 4 minutes each. The 8 periods shall be stop time.
  • Play will be stopped at the end of each 4 minute period for a complete shift change. Players must be ready to sub at score table at every odd quarter. There will be a one minute break only after each even quarter (half time is 4 minutes). Players, as far as possible, will have equal playing time in both league and playoff games (except overtime).  The only exceptions are for injury / illness. If there is a discipline issue (e.g. player misses more than 50% of practices), then the coach may choose to give the player less shifts than the other players, but each shift given must be a complete, 4 minute shift. Coach must inform opposing coach prior to start of game. No substitutions will be allowed during any 4 minute shift regardless of the number of players on the bench or foul trouble, etc. The only exceptions are for injury / illness or if a player asks to come off.
  • Where double shifting is required, all players must be double shifted evenly. 
  • Referees will be instructed to permit substitutions only at stoppages in the game as per the rules. Substitutions will not be made after field goals or during live ball play. All players may not come on to gym directly from the bench. The referees will ask the players to report to the center line before the dead ball situation occurs and wait for an opportunity to enter the game. All players must first be waived onto the gym by the referee.
  • Maximum warm-up time of 8 minutes with no less than 4 minutes of warm-up time.
  • Half time breaks shall be 4 minutes.  
  • Maximum of 2 timeouts per game ( plus one in O/T )
  • There shall be no 24/30 second clock for league play. However, referees may use a silent count of 24 seconds for girls, 30 seconds for boys.
  • All games, both league and playoffs, will now include overtime. First period - 2 minutes. Second and subsequent periods - 1 minute. All stop time. 4th quarter team fouls to carry over to all O/T periods. One timeout total for all O/T periods. No equal playtime for all O/T periods. All O/T periods will start with a jump ball.
  • Full gym pressure must be removed by the team with a 10 point lead.
  • Double-teaming and traps are not allowed outside the 3 point line. Inside the 3 point line, help defense is encouraged, this may result in double teaming and is legal.
  • Referees will monitor both double teaming and zone defense, if this occurs the referee will stop play and issue a verbal warning to the team and coach. A second infraction will result in one free throw and possession.
  • No zone defence. No Zone pressing / only man to man pressing. When playing half gym defense, if a defender is playing sagging man to man, they must be on the same side of the key as their check and have at least one foot outside of the key.
  • Referees will monitor for illegal zone defence as well and the penalty will be the same as double teaming.
  • When the offensive team is inbounding the ball in their front gym (both side line and end line), including at the start of each new quarter, as well as if the defensive team is pressing, the defensive team must have a player checking the ball and be within 3' of the offensive player inbounding the ball.
  • The team first on the schedule is Away ( Dark ), the second is Home ( White ). 
  • All players must have their uniform tucked in or they will be asked to substitute.
  • All players are required to wear their official uniform for insurance coverage. Players who do not wear their uniform tops are not covered, neither are coaches, league officials, and referees. Only players with uniforms may play.
  • Players must not wear jewelry or watches or any item prohibited by the rules.
  • Players wearing dirty or marking running shoes will not be allowed to play.
  • The referee is the sole judge of the game.
  • Players must remain in the team area during play. Bench players sitting during the game is ideal. Players in uniform wandering the sidelines are a distraction to those players who are playing and also to the referees.
  • All players, coaches and spectators are bound by the KMBA code of conduct.
  • As per FIBA rules, the clock will stop after a made basket in the last two minutes of the game and restart when the applicable referee lowers his/her hand signaling that the ball is in play.
  • As per FIBA rules, any time out that is called by a coach in the last two minutes of the game will result in the ball being advanced from the back gym, to the front gym and inbounded on the far sideline at the 3 point line extended.
  • As per FIBA rules, a player may the run base line with the ball in hand without dribbling to assist in inbounding the ball after being scored upon.
  • This League is about kids having fun!


        1. Grade 3 - 3 On 3 - Half gym - Nash Rules
        2. Grade 4 - 4 On 4 - Nash Rules
        3. Grade 5 - 5 On 5 - Nash Rules
        4. Grade 6 - 5 On 5 - Legends Rules (Point and Possession)
        5. Grade 7 - 12 - 5 On 5 - Legends Rules


If you have the early game, you will have to come early to insure that the following details are handled:

  • The time clock is out and turned on and set up.
  • The timers and scorers table is out and so are chairs.
  • Each team has a bench or 7 chairs each.
  • The gym is fee from wetness or garbage and is safe.
  • talk to the custodian if there are any problems

If you have the last game, please insure that:

  • That all scoring equipment has been put away and that the clock is turned off.
  • That borrowed furniture is returned.

Please insure that you cover these details with your team and their parents:

  • The team parent / coach of the winning team shall email the final score to the division convenor.
  • That only kids playing on the gym are on the gym.
  • That kids not in the game are not shooting at side hoops and bouncing balls during the game.
  • That all players have their jersey tucked in as per the rules.
  • That kids not have watches, rings, ear studs etc, necklaces or hair beads on for games or practices.
  • That kids have instruction on how to substitute via the scorers table.



The Rules are the same as the Legends Rules except there are No Foul Shots;

1. If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting and misses the shot, one point will be awarded plus offensive team retains possession. Throw-In on baseline.

2. If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting and makes the shot, three points will be awarded and possession will go to the defensive team. Throw-In on baseline.

3. If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting a three point shot and misses the shot, two points will be awarded plus offensive team retains possession. Throw-In on baseline.

4. If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting a three point shot and makes the shot, four points will be awarded and possession will go to the defensive team. Throw-In on baseline.


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