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Club Division Rules



1.    Modified FIBA - as used in school ball

2.    6 - 4 minute stop time quarters and then the last quarter will be 1 - 8 minute stop time quarter ( 4 minute half time )

3.    No shot clock - refs to monitor

4.    Equal play time for first 3 quarters, open in 4th and all over time periods
5.    Focus on 'man to man' no restrictions re: zones, half or full court

6.    No press after 20 point lead

7.    KMBA's zero tolerance policy to be followed by all coaches/players/parents

8.    Players must wear approved unis and either matching, or black shorts

9.    Timeouts, 1 in first half, 2 in second, 1 total in all OT periods

10.   All games ( League and playoff ) to include over time

       First OT period  - 2 minute stop time

       Additional OT periods - 1 minute each - stop time

       4th quarter team fouls to carry over to all OT periods
        All OT periods will start with a jump ball

11.   Scorekeepers provided

12.   Both coaches to report game score to Coach Dave

13.   First team on schedule home [ light ] , second team away [ dark ]

14.   Coaches to ensure that the bench areas are cleaned after each game

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